Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1. Introduction

 This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the terms and conditions under which Power Accelerate BV (“Provider”) will deliver migration automation services to YOU (“Customer”). The purpose of this SLA is to define the levels of service, response times, and support provisions for ensuring a seamless migration automation of supported legacy applications to the Microsoft Power Platform.

 2. Services Covered

 The services covered under this SLA include the migration automation of Lotus Notes, Excel, Ms Access, SQL, InfoPath, SQL based applications to the Microsoft Power Platform using Power Accelerate.

 3. Support Levels

 3.1 Priority Levels:

·       Critical (P1): An issue that prevents the migration process or results in data loss.

·       High (P2): An issue that significantly impacts the migration timeline or functionality.

·       Medium (P3): An issue that has a moderate impact on the migration process.

·       Low (P4): General inquiries, non-urgent requests, or minor issues.

 4. Free Support

 4.1 Response Times for Free Support:

 Support for free tier customers is provided on a best-effort basis within CET (Central European Time) business hours:

·       Monday to Friday: 9am-4pm

·       Weekends and Holidays: Not available

·       Up to 3 free support tickets per customer purchase/contract (per year). Issues identified as software bugs are not counted towards the ticket system.

 It is important to note that our additional support ticket option is a good-faith option that is intended to help our clients than a form of financial gain. Our business is mainly operated under a product paradigm – we don’t profit from service offerings. Having said that, we believe our software very rarely requires extensive troubleshooting.

This offer is mainly designed to help our clients in resolving some obscure technical configuration issues when working with a particular scenario that does not fall under our standard support policy, or if you have used up the complimentary support tickets (which rarely happens to any of our clients). Nonetheless, we believe this option is useful when needed, and we don’t offer the option openly unless you reach out to our team by making a request with your scope of work included.

This offer is delivered remotely through email and/or online meetings only. This service is not designed for complex engagements that require more resources such as a full scale of performance tuning or an end-to-end ETL package design and development where we rely on one of our trusted SI partners.

It is also important to note that any unused support tickets will expire if not used within a year of the date when the ticket is purchased.

 5. Maintenance Contract Option

 For customers who require enhanced support and proactive maintenance, Power Accelerate BV offers a Maintenance Contract option. This contract provides the following benefits:

 5.1 Dedicated Account Manager:

 Assigned Account Manager for personalized support and issue escalation.

 5.2 Priority Response:

Critical (P1): Initial response within 8 hours; resolution within Contract Agreed Resolution Time.

High (P2): Initial response within 16 hours; resolution within Contract Agreed Resolution Time

Medium (P3): Initial response within 24 hours; resolution within Contract Agreed Resolution Time

Low (P4): Initial response within 48 hours; resolution within Contract Agreed Resolution Time

6. Support Channels

 Support can be requested through the following channels:


Phone: +32497934514

 7. Exclusions

 This SLA does not cover:

 ·       Issues caused by improper usage or configuration of the migration automation software.

·       Third-party integrations or software not provided by Power Accelerate BV.

·       Force majeure events or factors beyond the control of the Provider.

 8. Customer Responsibilities

 The Customer agrees to:

·       Provide accurate and detailed information about the Lotus Notes applications being migrated.

·       Cooperate with the Provider’s support team for issue diagnosis and resolution.

·       Adhere to the advice and testing procedures provided by the Provider.

 It is important that you share with us as much information as you could possibly do, so our team will perform a proper assessment in determining whether the issue can be handled under the complimentary support plan without a charge, or it has to be handled by the additional support tickets. If it meets all the criteria of additional support tickets after our assessment, our team will prepare a formal quotation which you can further review and process.

  9. Review and Amendments

 This SLA will be reviewed annually and may be amended upon mutual agreement between the Provider and the Customer.

 10. Termination

 Either party may terminate this SLA upon 60 days written notice if the other party materially breaches the terms of this agreement.